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    Beauty is in every particle that moves in the life, nature and life itself is an inspiration. This whole experience is summed up in world where humans exposes the best of his life.


    My work takes the root of the lives of people and transforms them into linear dynamic sketches expressing their lines with details that do not exist in real life.

    Express that deconstruction of textures and shapes within a picture are a symbol of a way of seeing people from their roots and lifestyle.

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    Portrait in digital color pencil, with realistic technique in pastel colors (Own style)
    Portrait of a face based on a photograph that you can send me by mail or in social networks. The time of elaboration is of 2 to 3 business days since it has many hours of detailed work. The final file will be mailed in high resolution jpg.

    You can choose from the following techniques: watercolor, ink, realistic color pencil or vector.

    The final file goes with autograph signed in the drawing. Ask by mail if you want an original signed and numbered print.
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